It Girl Kim Kardashian Helps Raise 90 000 For Armenian Orphans

000 for Etchmiadzin Children Fund (CEF). For almost two decades, the EFC - under the auspices of Catholicos Karekin II and Western Diocese Of The Armenian Church Of North America - has raised funds to help build an orphanage and assist children in need. L unlikely combination of the Armenian Church and sex-scandal-infamous party-girl-turned-celebrity Kim Kardashian help raise more than $ 90. Charity annual Gala Night on Friday, January 23, attracted over 350 guests and features real, something true, false and stars of Hollywood, celebrity look-alikes, Las Vegas impersonators, uneasiness and some church ladies. The CEF provides food, clothing, medical care, and the school through annual sponsorships.

4.2.09 09:17

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